Technical Training Courses

Welcome to Yealink VCS Training Course. Yealink leads the video conferencing revolution with unmatched quality and “easy technology”. The innovative VC series offers Full HD video conferencing features designed specifically for SMEs to find out a perfect balance among high quality, ease-of-use and cost-efficiency.

In these courses, you can get a fully understanding about Yealink video conferencing system, including the installation, network deployment, how to configure VCS according to the different situation, how to use VCS and some simple diagnosis when issues happen.

In this video, you’ll learn the details about VCS components and how to assemble them into a functional equipment. What's more, it includes some FAQs about installation.
In this video, you’ll learn the network deployment of VCS, which depends on the different situations, and the basic network requirement of VCS.
In this video, you’ll learn the main configurations of VCS. You can set the configuration to meet the different needs.
In this video, you’ll learn the common operations of VCS, which includes place a call, multipoint calls, content sharing, record and playback, camera control and change layout.
In this video, you’ll learn some basic diagnosis about the issues and how to provide useful information to Yealink technical support engineer so the issue can be solved.
More information to solve the common issue.