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AVENIR GLOBAL is a Montreal-based holding and management company with an active operations mindset and a hands-on approach to all its investments. A global powerhouse of specialist communication firms, AVENIR GLOBAL has 1,000 staff and offices in 23 locations across Canada, the U.S., Europe and the Middle East. AVENIR GLOBAL ranks among the top 15 largest communication firms in the world.



· More communication with clients is shifting to online as COVID-19 restrictions
· Ensuring a premium video and audio experience for meeting rooms of different sizes
· Inability to co-working with clients on different platforms
· Impropriety of cables & restructure for modern commercial space

Solutions (MVC840 & MVC640 & MVC400)
One-Stop Solution for Every Meeting Space
Yealink's one-stop solution offers native Teams video and audio experience covering small to large meeting spaces, ensuring staff a consistent meeting experience wherever they are, and reducing costs of procurement & support/services.


Premium Audio and Video Quality
Both the UVC84 and UVC40 in the bundles offer a gorgeous and smart video experience with an AI-powered camera. Staff can see and be seen clearly when they are in meetings with clients. Yealink also provides flexible audio options for rooms in different sizes from wireless microphones to array microphones. This allows AVENIR GLOBAL to choose suitable audio solutions according to their needs for different boardrooms.



Start Meetings with Remote Clients in Any Platform
To help AVENIR GLOBAL connect with clients remotely from various boardrooms with either Teams, Zoom and any other 3rd party platforms, the Yealink MVC-BYOD-Extender supports the transformation between Microsoft Teams Rooms and different types of UC platforms. With the plug-and-play feature, staff can start meetings right away by just walking into the room or plugging in one cable, and enjoy an immersive video and audio experience with dedicated devices.



One CAT5e Cable Technology, Simplified Connections
The MCore cable management solution integrates data and power supply into one CAT5e cable, simplifying the complicated connections and reducing the deployment time. The staff can enjoy a tidy and clean boardroom environment during meetings.



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