Opportunity Incentive Program for VCS

    1. Program Objective
    The Yealink Opportunity Registration Program is designed to reward Yealink Partners that actively identify, develop, and secure new business opportunities in targeted market segments. It will also enable Yealink to fully engage in projects and protect the presales investments of Yealink Partners. Yealink provides Opportunity Registration System (Hereinafter referred to as “ORS”) for our Partners to register and manage their opportunities.
    2. Period of Validity

    January.01, 2018-December.31, 2018
    3. Eligible Objects

    Yealink Global Partners including SI/Reseller/Distributor (exclude China)
    4. Definition of Project Opportunities

    The program rewards and protects Partners that generate new business for Yealink in (including but not limited to) the following sub-vertical markets:
     Call Center
     Public Institution
     Enterprises or Agencies (excluding SMB)
    5. Program Process

    The applicant shall register an opportunity on Then the appropriate Yealink sales representative will receive the opportunity and secure it.
    a. If you are a new user, please register an account first, 
    please log in to register reseller/SI account.
    b. For distributor, Yealink will create account for each distributor.

    All registered opportunities will be verified by the Yealink Regional Sales Manager and Sales Director on “ORS”. The Applicant will receive a notification regarding project approval or rejection within 48 hours.

    The opportunity deal must be outlined in the POS Report in order for Yealink to check the authenticity of project and purchasing quantity. And the reward will be offset by the Distributor’s next payment. 
    SI/reseller will receive the reward through Yealink Distributor when he won the previously registered opportunity.