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2N is a leader in telecommunication solutions for enterprises and operators worldwide, focused on SME, LME, and operator solutions, and serving customers in more than 120 countries around the globe. Their product portfolio consists of a wide range of GSM and UMTS gateways and routers, lift and door intercoms, a high-capacity IP multimedia switching platform, Unified Communications solutions, VoIP-enabled private branch exchanges (PBX), M2M solutions and IP audio system.


Integration with Yealink:
Phone Model Interoperability
T2 Series IP Phone T19P E2 x
T21P E2
T23P x
T23G x
T27P x
T27G x
T29G x
T4 Series IP phone T40P x
T41P x
T42G x
T48G x
T4S Series IP Phone T40G x
T41S x
T42S x
T46S x
T48S x
T5 Series IP Phone T52S x
T54S x
T56A x
T58A x
IP Conference Phone CP860 x
CP920 x
CP960 x
DECT IP Phone W52P x
W56P x