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Communication challenges

  • The futures business is highly professional and concerns large sums of money, so the head office required confirming the status of the business with the sales department at least once a week. In the past, phone calls were used to implement this communication. Although it ensured frequent communication, only voice could be heard during the meetings, and it was very difficult to communicate and talk about complicated futures transactions.
  • When China officially issues new related economic policies, the staff need to be retrained at once. However, Western Securities has 29 sales departments, and training from one department to another greatly restricts efficiency and effect.
  • Western Securities hoped to provide remote video service to further improve customer experience for VIP clients.

After implementation of Yealink video conferencing solution

  • While conducting business discussions, Western Securities was able to share high-definition business documents and data models, so that the discussions during each meeting were more efficient
  • Trainers at the head office could now simultaneously run training sessions with multiple branch offices, and policy documents could then be presented in high-definition to the learners. At the same time, the trainer could explain the key points and the difficult matters clearly on a whiteboard using Yealink’s 18X zoom camera. The training sessions could be recorded for repeated use.
  • Western Futures’ VIP clients could enjoy the premium experience of using Yealink PC software or mobile app to video call the sales specialists for remote management or to formulate customized financial solutions.