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Chain stores

Chain stores

Communication challenges

  • Houcaller has nearly 20 restaurants in Xiamen, and regional managers have to gather all the branch managers for weekly sales and stock inventories every week. There was no way to see data and drawings via telephone calls and the communication efficiency was low. Gathering all the branch managers would involve substantial organizational costs.
  • Promotional activity during holidays required  cooperation between many branches. Success of  the activities depends on how quickly the activity plans are sent to the stores, and if the branches give feedback on the activity on time,  adjustments can be made quickly.

After implementation of Yealink video conferencing solution

  • Houcaller deployed the video conferencing hardware at the main restaurant and flagship branches, and used Yealink PC software and the mobile app in other smaller branches. By controlling costs and allowing multiple branches to join video conferencing simultaneously to share information, the regional managers were able to clearly understand the real time sales situation of the restaurants and make preparations quickly.
  • Activity plan discussion efficiency was raised: discussions about the plan could be made simultaneously between multiple branches; Good results: not only could they see one another, files and documents were also visible, and the layout for the activities could be shown to the head restaurant. The branches were also able to report the sales information for the promotional set meal for every day back to the head restaurant, and allowed it to make adjustments to the preparation and change the combo meals that weren't selling as well.