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Communication challenges

  • Due to the onerousness and complexity of construction projects, North China Construction Group requested the on-site construction supervisor and the engineers to report to the head office on the project progress every week.
  • When an unexpected situation arises during the project, it is very difficult to report back clearly to the specialists at the head office immediately, and usually, specialists have to be brought in on-site to assess and solve the problems.
  • Construction site conditions were austere, with no wired networks or landlines, and lacked the necessary conditions required for video conferencing.

After implementation of Yealink video conferencing solution

  • Construction project supervisor could have regular weekly meetings with the head office at the construction site via video conferencing, and present the project schedules, construction drawings, and construction progress to the head office. avoiding travel fatigue as well as saving a large amount of travel expenses.
  • If an emergency like the  material quality happens, the details could be enlarged using Yealink’s 18X zoom high-definition camera, and specialists could analyze and propose solutions remotely, and go on-site for the further actions if necessary. In this way, a large amount of time is saved, and project progress is accelerated.
  • Yealink video conferencing has very flexible network adaptability and does not require a public IP address. It doesn’t even require a wired network. North China Construction could use 4G mobile internet at the construction site to have a smooth video conference with the head office.