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Communication challenges

  • Opportunities for face-to-face contact with clients are limited, making it difficult to understand client intentions and requirements. Phone, email, QQ, WeChat, and other methods of communication had poor results, and frequently lead to information asymmetries, reduced project acceptance rates, and even to rolling back of projects, which is a huge waste of work and time.
  • Greenland Holdings and other major clients requested we send a specialist from Shanghai to Hangzhou to participate in regular weekly meetings, which greatly increased travel costs.

After implementation of Yealink video conferencing solution

  • Zhidu Culture was saved from worrying about the lack of effective face-to-face communication with their clients. Thanks to the convenience of video conferencing, Zhidu Culture could communicate with the client on the project, the details of the project, or key contents at any time instead of waiting to confirm with the client until the entire plan has been completed. This effectively avoided progressing in the wrong direction, and improved project acceptance rates.
  • Video conferencing not only enabled Zhidu Culture to achieve face-to-face communication, but also to share high definition plans, design drawings, and video clips to make it more convenient to discuss details, thus effectively avoiding miscommunication and unnecessary work.
  • Yealink video conferencing is seamlessly compatible with industry mainstream video conferencing solutions . Hence, Zhidu Culture no longer needed to frequently send people to Hangzhou to participate in the Greenland Holding’s regular weekly meetings; instead, they can  use Yealink’s video conferencing solution to access Greenland Holding’s Polytone video conferencing system for regular meetings. This saves both a lot of travel costs and precious time that could be spent on the projects.