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Receptionists/Secretaries solution

Receptionists or secretaries are some of the busiest persons in any organization. They are on the phone all day, directing incoming calls to various departments and extensions. Requirements for their desk phones include:

  • Multi-line support;
  • Efficient operations;
  • Support for Bluetooth headsets, especially when multitasking.

Yealink Receptionist Solution and Benefits:
Yealink's SIP-T46S with the EXP40 Expansion Module make an ideal pair for receptionists and secretaries. It features up to 10 multifunction line keys to easily make or receive multi-line calls or to switch between lines. The SIP-T46S supports up to six expansion modules for better management of contact groups. The EXP40 Expansion Module features a 160x320-pixel graphical LCD display and 20 dual-color LED keys that signal a contact’s communication status. Simply by pressing a button, the incoming call can be transferred, helping receptionists and secretaries simplify their workflows.  The SIP-T46S also provides support for Bluetooth headsets, providing receptionists and secretaries greater convenience when multitasking. 

If you have higher requirements for the receptionists or secretaries, Yealink also offers the SIP-T54W with EXP50 Expansion Module. The new launching T54W Prime Business Phone is equipped with an adjustable diaplay screen to fit various office environment and different lighting conditions, which also supports Acoustic Shield feature to intelligently block or mute sounds from outside the "shield" so that the person on the other end hears you only and follows you clearly, ideal for busy and noisy workspace. For small teamwork, the T54 supports Corded-Cordless feature to register up to 4 handsets to the desktop phone through a DECT dongle, which is designed to deliver a lowcost solution for small teams. Moreover, the EXP50 Expansion Module features a large 4.3-inch color-screen LCD, giving you a vivid visual experience. With three pages of 20 flexible button shown on the display, EXP50 can be programmed up to 60 various features.