Smart Office

    Smart Office

    Settings and Requirements:
    Smart offices accommodate the demand for convenient communication and collaboration anytime and anywhere.

    • High-quality phones that are easy to operate;
    • Support for multiple applications for various business settings;
    • Integration with office software, implementation of collaborative work;
    • Support for mobile workers unbounded from an office setting.

    Solutions and Advantages:

    • Yealink designs the T58A & VP59 specifically for smart offices. The phone is equipped with a seven-inch or larger high-definition LCD capacitive touch screen that supports multi-point touch for extraordinary control.The interaction is meticulously designed for business use and user-friendliness. The "what you see is what you get" graphical operation design is user friendly and easy to operate.

    • The Yealink T58A & VP59 use the Android operating system and supports a variety of third party office apps.

    • T58A & VP59 integrate calendar, browser and email applications, allowing the user to conduct business efficiently.
    • T58A & VP59 support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, freeing business from the confines of an office desk and improving flexibility greatly.