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Solutions for Office Settings

Solutions for Office Settings

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Yealink is tailored for the enterprise one-stop video conferencing solutions

As the world's leading provider of UC terminal solutions, the global TOP2 SIP telephone provider, Yilian company to provide enterprises with one-stop video conferencing solutions, flexible to meet the needs of small and medium enterprises self-built and cloud solutions to help SMEs enjoy high quality , Easy to use, easy to expand the efficient video communication collaboration.

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Easy Conferencing, Clear Communication

The key to effective collaborations is being able to hear and understand other participants clearly. Yealink’s audio conferencing solutions are designed to encourage productive remote collaboration, and address the challenges of achieving a balance among quality, user experience and affordability.
Yealink Audio Conference Phones cater to various meeting environments. Whether it is for large meeting rooms, small meeting rooms or wireless huddle rooms, customers will easily find the right choice with Yealink, as each Yealink Conference Phone is equipped with Yealink Noise Proof Technology and comes with three microphone arrays, advanced features and a user-friendly design.

Premium Audio Experience for All
• Yealink Conference Phones are designed to make remote meetings productive, so you will not have to go through the agony of low-quality sound and annoying distractions. Equipped with full-duplex and HD audio quality, the phones capture and deliver conversation in full sound.
• Better yet, Yealink has developed its Noise Proof Technology to eliminate possible background noise and provides noise-free services even in a busy environment. The phones automatically mute the microphone when no human voice is detected, and intelligently reduce background noise to a minimum when you are speaking.


20-foot (6-meter) Microphone Pickup
• Yealink Conference Phones combine sensitive and full-duplex three microphone arrays with a 20-foot (6-meter) voice pickup range. Meeting participants can move freely around the room with the confidence that their voices will be completely captured and reproduced clearly.
• Additionally, the coverage range can be extended on the CP960 with the Wireless Mic CPW90, which utilizes reliable and secure DECT technology. It caters perfectly to larger spaces with a 10-foot (3-meter) voice pickup range, and facilitates mobility within the signal reception range.

Easy Control and Operation
• Yealink Conference Phones feature a Y-shape metallic sliver body design, which is not just stylish- and professional-looking, but also portable.
• Catering to different needs, the phones come in two UI designs. The CP960 has a five-inch touch screen providing direct and easy control and operation. The CP920 and CP930W, on the other hand, offer a sensitive touch keypad which puts main conferencing function keys at the user’s fingertips.
• Three one-touch mute buttons with LED indicators allow switching between mute and unmute with ease, and reduce accidental operations.

Broad Interoperability
Yealink Conference Phones are based on the open SIP industry standards and are certified with the leading UC platforms. Customers can benefit from the seamless integration, which guarantees both performance and functionality. The following are some of the certified platforms.

Deploying CP930W
The Yealink CP930W is based on reliable and secure DECT technology. It frees users from the limitations of power outlets and Internet ports, and enables meetings to be held anywhere conveniently. Deploying the CP930W is simple. CP930W W53H W53H W60B • Pair the CP930W with the Yealink W60B DECT base station, which supports 50 meters of indoor / 300 meters of outdoor coverage. Elevate the W60B relatively high up to ensure optimum signal coverage. The CP930W can be used anywhere within the coverage area.
• The W60B can support up to 8 concurrent HD calls. Under wideband mode, customers can even add 2 more portable handsets for their personal cordless communication needs.

How to Optimize Usage

Small-to Medium-Sized Meetings
Place the CP960/CP920/CP930W in the middle of the table. The phone supports 20-foot (6-meter) voice pickup.

Large-sized Meetings/Presentations
Add a pair of Yealink CPW90 to the CP960. Place the CP960 in the middle and the CPW90 on each side to best capture and deliver the voice.

Lectures/Trainings/Larger Spaces
Yealink CP960 supports Star Connection with up to 3xCP960 units for HD audio broadcasting and pickup in larger spaces.
Requirement: Devices must be under the same subnet.


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