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Unauthorized Yealink Online Reseller List for Australia & New Zealand

To ensure that Yealink customers always received a fast and professional local service with technical support from Yealink and its authorized distributors, Yealink strongly recommends that customers purchase products only through authorized sources. If a Yealink product is purchased from an unauthorized online reseller, it will not be recognized or serviced under Yealink’s existing warranty policy.

The following is a list of unauthorized Yealink online resellers (click to download the list):

Country Effective Date Online Reseller Company Name Website Observation Period
Australia 2022/5/6 URL.Networks URL.Networks https://www.url.net.au/hardware  
Australia 2022/5/6 Wagner Online Wagner Online wagneronline.com.au   
Australia 2022/3/16 e365 Distribution e365 Distribution www.e365.com.au (ecommerce site) and www.evideo.com.au  
Australia 2022/1/17 Video Conferencing  videoconferencingaustralia.com.au  videoconferencingaustralia.com.au   
Australia 2022/1/17 Harris Technology www.ht.com.au www.ht.com.au  
Australia 2021/12/22 myithub myithub myithub.com.au   
Australia 2021/12/22 Scorptec Scorptec scorptec.com.au   
Australia 2021/12/22 Chorus Call Australia Pty Ltd Video Conferencing Australia videoconferencingaustralia.com.au   
Australia 2021/12/14 Kogan kogan.com  kogan.com   
Australia 2021/12/14 Innotel Innotel innotel.com.au   
Australia 2021/12/3 acquireit.com.au  acquireit.com.au  acquireit.com.au   
Australia 2021/12/3 jw.com.au  jw.com.au  jw.com.au   
Australia 2021/12/3 techbuy.com.au  techbuy.com.au  techbuy.com.au   
Australia 2021/12/3 dicksmith.com.au  dicksmith.com.au  dicksmith.com.au   
Australia 2021/12/3 shoptelco.com.au  shoptelco.com.au  shoptelco.com.au   2022/5/27
Australia 2021/12/3 elitevision.com.au  elitevision.com.au  elitevision.com.au   
Australia 2021/12/3 shop.bdcservices.com.au  shop.bdcservices.com.au  shop.bdcservices.com.au   
Australia 2021/12/3 shop.brisbanecomputersolutions.com.au  shop.brisbanecomputersolutions.com.au  shop.brisbanecomputersolutions.com.au   
Australia 2021/12/3 ubertechcomputers.com.au  ubertechcomputers.com.au  ubertechcomputers.com.au   
Australia 2021/12/3 techccessorize.com.au  techccessorize.com.au  techccessorize.com.au   
Australia 2021/12/3 ausipphones.com.au  ausipphones.com.au  ausipphones.com.au   
Australia 2021/12/3 bigboxcomputers.com.au  bigboxcomputers.com.au  bigboxcomputers.com.au   
Australia 2021/12/3 Uniquely IT Uniquely IT www.uniquelyit.com.au  
Australia 2021/12/3 Megabuy Technology Superstore Megabuy Technology Superstore https://www.megabuy.com.au/  
Australia 2021/12/3 IT STATION IT STATION www.itstation.com.au  
Australia 2021/12/3 CPL Notting Hill P/L\r\nCPL West Melbourne P/L\r\nCPL Preston P/L CPL Notting Hill P/L\r\nCPL West Melbourne P/L\r\nCPL Preston P/L CPLONLINE.COM.AU  
Australia 2021/12/3 Australia Tech Gears Australia Tech Gears https://atgears.com.au/  
Australia 2021/12/3 Tech Cart  Tech Cart  www.techcart.com.au  
Australia 2021/12/3 CompuCoast Pty Ltd CompuCoast Pty Ltd www.compucoast.com.au  
Australia 2021/12/3 https://rubec.com.au/ https://rubec.com.au/ https://rubec.com.au/  
Australia 2020/11/26 SIPcity Blast Technologies Pty Ltd https://sipcity.com.au/shop/  
Australia 2020/10/26 Protocol IT Protocol ITIS Services Pty Ltd https://store.protocolit.com.au/  
Australia 2020/10/26 Catch.com.au Catch.com.au Pty Ltd https://www.catch.com.au  
Australia 2020/10/26 dreamtilt Dreamtilt https://www.dreamtilt.com.au  
Australia 2020/10/26 TX COMPUTER TX Computer Solutions ( Aust) P/L https://www.txcomputer.com.au/  
Australia 2020/10/26 VTech Industries VTech Industries https://www.vtechindustries.com.au/  
Australia 2020/10/26 NanoByte Solutions NanoByte Solutions Pty Ltd nanobytesolutions.com.au   
Australia 2020/10/26 TECH4U Tech4U Online Computer Store https://www.tech4u.com.au/  
Australia 2020/10/26 ITSPOT.COM.AU ITSpot Online Computer Store https://www.itspot.com.au/  
Australia 2020/10/26 AusPCMarket   https://www.auspcmarket.com.au/  
Australia 2020/3/20 City Technology   http://www.citytechnology.com.au/  
Australia 2019/8/15 Umart   https://umart.com.au/  
Australia 2019/8/15 Elite-electronics   https://www.elite-electronics.com.au  


Note: Yealink reserves the right to update the unauthorized online reseller list at any time. Therefore, please refer to the Yealink website for the most recent list.
To verify whether an online reseller not listed on the website are authorized or not, please enter: http://www.yealink.com/partner_reseller_search.html

To apply to become an authorized online reseller, please enter: http://www.yealink.com/partner_reseller_become.html

If you have any questions about a particular online reseller, please contact Yealink via: reseller@yealink.com.

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