Unauthorized Yealink Online Reseller List for the Europe

    To ensure that Yealink customers always received a fast and professional local service with technical support from Yealink and its authorized distributors, Yealink strongly recommends that customers purchase products only through authorized sources. If a Yealink product is purchased from an unauthorized online reseller, it will not be recognized or serviced under Yealink’s existing warranty policy.

    The following is a list of unauthorized Yealink online resellers (click to download the list):

    Country Effective Date Reseller Comapny Website
    Italy 2021/3/8 EZDIRECT S.R.L. A SOCIO UNICO Ezdirect srl
    Greece 2020/6/15 Itsmart
    Greece 2020/6/15 Homelike
    Greece 2020/6/15 Eurosupplies
    Greece 2020/6/15 Zero1
    Poland 2020/3/16 Aksonet Sp. z o.o.
    Poland 2020/3/16 Salurion Tradus sp. z o.o.
    Poland 2020/3/16 empik Grupa Empik/Empik S.A.
    Poland 2020/3/16 2IT.PL LOGON S.A.
    Spain 2020/3/3 PC componentes group YF Networks
    Spain 2020/3/3 Lumidee ES Lumidee S.L.U.
    Spain 2020/3/3 Ohyeeah Internet Shop & Sale SL
    Spain 2020/3/3 Tiendade
    Spain 2020/3/3 Vermegreen
    Spain 2020/3/3 MiniPrice Express SL
    Spain 2020/3/3 Xitienda
    Spain 2020/3/3 Cash&Company
    Spain 2020/3/3 OFICuenca S.L.
    Denmark 2020/2/10 DCS DCS Aps
    Poland 2020/1/17 myWorld Poland Sp. z o.o. mWS myWorld Solutions AG
    Germany 2020/1/7
    Germany 2020/1/7 Konsumfabrik Teleconcept GmbH
    Germany 2020/1/7 Fix Preis Gass Consult
    Spain 2019/12/6 Telecom Supplier BV
    Spain 2019/12/6 Eurovideo Extremadura SL(preciosya) Eurovideo Extremadura SL
    France 2019/11/28 Anforval Informatique
    France 2019/11/28 shopoonline GAILLIEN
    France 2019/11/28 TAMEL
    France 2019/11/28 Elma Bureautique
    France 2019/11/28 ZOOM ICI
    France 2019/11/28 Stock Bureau Direct STOCK-BUREAU
    France 2019/11/28 ELECTROROAD
    France 2019/11/28 Stortle STORTLE LOISIRS ET IMAGES
    UK 2019/11/28 Paragon Star
    UK 2019/11/28 Evertech Solutions
    UK 2019/11/28 LAN Online Catch IT Services Ltd
    France 2019/11/4 AS-Discount Asdiscount
    Italy 2019/11/4 sotelit Sotel GmbH
    Italy 2019/11/4 Gamekart BLAN SRL
    Italy 2019/11/4 Electronic_System Carbone Giuseppe
    Italy 2019/11/4 office service srl
    UK 2019/11/4 Mega Center Store Lombardo Valentina
    Spain 2019/11/4 DigitalShopper EU YMCM Incorporated
    Spain 2019/11/4 sotel-es
    Spain 2019/11/4 Xtremmedia Servicios de Comunicaciones Integrales de Extremadura
    Spain 2019/11/4 Vencu Networks, S.L.
    Spain 2019/11/4 arenapc NEUTRALPOINT S. L.
    Spain 2019/11/4 Mundo Consumible
    Spain 2019/11/4 PcExpansion
    Spain 2019/11/4 Micropolis Madrid
    Spain 2019/11/4 Mercado Actual
    Spain 2019/11/4 PROcomponentes ProComp Team S.L.
    Spain 2019/11/4 abcPC ISISLAN Servicios Informaticos S.L.
    Spain 2019/11/4
    Spain 2019/11/4 Ten Dance Media Verlag e.K.
    Germany 2019/9/11
    vollfarbdrucker-de Ihre Office Experten
    Bürotechnik Sachsen GmbH
    Germany 2019/9/11 Paragon Star Ltd
    Germany 2019/9/11 RS GmbHf
    Germany 2019/9/11 AD Impex AD Impex sp z o o
    Germany 2019/9/11
    schulman fulfillment GmbH
    Germany 2019/9/11 Cheap Sell UG
    Germany 2019/9/11 Minfo lda Minfo - Comércio de Micro Informática, Lda
    Germany 2019/9/11 Evertech Solutions Ltd
    Germany 2019/9/11
    Tienda Siglo XXI
    Guillermo Peris Peris
    Cyprus 2019/9/11 ComputerizerStore
    Germany 2019/9/11
    Margo Shop
    Viktors Sudmalis
    Germany 2019/9/11
    MO Services GmbH
    Italy 2019/8/19 LambdaTek LambdaTek LTD
    Poland 2019/8/19 abarta.plazel Abarta Sp. z o.o.
    Poland 2019/8/19 Sp. z o.o.
    Poland 2019/8/19 edeal
    Poland 2019/8/19
    Greece 2019/7/29 visionstudio
    Croatia 2019/6/27 Telebit d.o.o.
    France 2019/6/27
    France 2019/6/27 Sotel
    France 2019/6/27 ZBP Media
    France 2019/6/27 Voipandgo
    France 2019/6/27 IP&GO IP&Co
    France 2019/6/27 As Discount(Formerly, Provadim)
    France 2019/6/27 Lambda Tek LambdaTek LTD
    Germany 2019/6/27 cyberport
    Germany 2019/6/27 Best4Systems
    Germany 2019/6/27 Buerofachhandel Schulze
    Germany 2019/6/27 1Deins Computer GmbH
    Germany 2019/6/27  computeruniverse GmbH
    Germany 2019/6/27 digitalo
    Germany 2019/6/27 e-joker etronixx Sales GmbH
    Germany 2019/6/27 europa-com44
    Germany 2019/6/27 FaniKabani Oleksandr Nol
    Germany 2019/6/27 fortknox IT Webstore GmbH
    Germany 2019/6/27
    Germany 2019/6/27 h.elsemann
    Germany 2019/6/27 K&M Computer Shop Bora Computer / K&M Computer / Schwanthaler Computer
    Germany 2019/6/27 mediazehe
    Germany 2019/6/27 notebookmonstar  Continue Software GmbH
    Germany 2019/6/27
    OLANO Internetdienstleistungen
    und -handel GmbH
    Germany 2019/6/27 pc-shop-del
    Germany 2019/6/27 Phone-Distribution
    Germany 2019/6/27 real(Formerly, Hitmeister) METRO AG
    Germany 2019/6/27 shop-ar AR E-Commerce Trading UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
    Germany 2019/6/27 technikbilliger M & M Computer * Mintchev GmbH
    Germany 2019/6/27 tiendainformtica-es Netlogistica SL
    Germany 2019/6/27
    Germany 2019/6/27
    Germany 2019/6/27 Wowi-tec
    Germany 2019/6/27 Compuland Compuland GmbH & Co. KG
    Germany 2019/6/27 Vibuonline
    Germany 2019/6/27 Drive City
    Germany 2019/6/27 Barax BARAX OHG
    Germany 2019/6/27 Electronis - Stefan Grünewald e.K.
    Germany 2019/6/27 CSV
    Germany 2019/6/27 BA-Computer BA-Computer Handels GmbH
    Germany 2019/6/27 HiQ Store Alsdorf GmbH HiQ-Store Alsdorf GmbH
    HiQ Computer GmbH & Co. KG
    Germany 2019/6/27 Crowfox Crowdfox GmbH
    Germany 2019/6/27 Plexcom
    Germany 2019/6/27 Sunprice Sunprice Handelsges.m.b.H
    Germany 2019/6/27 MillionStore MillionStore GmbH
    Germany 2019/6/27 Proshop Proshop ApS
    Germany 2019/6/27 mobilblitz mobilblitz Geißler & Ulrich GbR
    Germany 2019/6/27 Kw-vertrieb KW Vertriebs UG
    Germany 2019/6/27 willerei-de (Formerly, easy-trade)
    Germany 2019/6/27 edigitec
    Germany 2019/6/27 WECS eshop
    Germany 2019/6/27 I-CS I-CS individual-computersystems e.U.
    Germany 2019/6/27 reichelt reichelt elektronik GmbH & Co. KG
    Germany 2019/6/27 BWD Computer
    Germany 2019/6/27 mcbuero
    Germany 2019/6/27 Yakodo Conserv-Media GmbH
    Germany 2019/6/27 Hardwarehouse
    Germany 2019/6/27 Lieske-Elektronik
    Germany 2019/6/27 Alternate (Wave)
    Germany 2019/6/27 Siboom
    Germany 2019/6/27
    Germany 2019/6/27 Mioga MIOGA Warenhandel & Service GmbH
    Germany 2019/6/27 Sotel GmbH
    Germany 2019/6/27 Itboost
    Germany 2019/6/27 TAROX Marketplace GmbH
    Germany 2019/6/27 Mindfactory Mindfactory AG
    Germany 2019/6/27 GALAXUS.DE Galaxus Deutschland GmbH 
    Greece 2019/6/27 Cosmodata ΕΠΕ
    Greece 2019/6/27 PRIVE SHOP ΕΠΕ
    Greece 2019/6/27 Syncom
    Greece 2019/6/27 Ιωάννης Βλάσσης & ΣΙΑ ΟΕ
    Greece 2019/6/27 Δεπούντης Λάμπρος Γ.
    Greece 2019/6/27 MG MANAGER COMPUTERS Ε.Π.Ε.
    Greece 2019/6/27 Epsilon TeleData
    Greece 2019/6/27 dropstore
    Greece 2019/6/27 Foxstore
    Greece 2019/6/27 MustShop
    Greece 2019/6/27 quickshop
    Greece 2019/6/27 voipsolutions
    Greece 2019/6/27 VNP Shop
    Hungary 2019/6/27 Be-Va Chip Be-Va Chip Kft.
    Hungary 2019/6/27 First Shop First Computer Kft.
    Hungary 2019/6/27
    Hungary 2019/6/27 Alfa store
    Hungary 2019/6/27 3B network 3B Network Kft.
    Hungary 2019/6/27 Best markt Hardverker Online Kft.
    Hungary 2019/6/27 Mercateo
    Hungary 2019/6/27 Newshop TANK Kft.
    Hungary 2019/6/27 MCN telecom MCNtelecom
    Hungary 2019/6/27 Laser networks LaserNetworks Ltd
    Hungary 2019/6/27 Árumánia
    Hungary 2019/6/27 Focuscamera Option Line Kft.
    Hungary 2019/6/27 Eutel voip shop
    Hungary 2019/6/27 iPon iPon Computer Kft. 
    Hungary 2019/6/27 Easy Shop Easy-Shop Kft.
    Italy 2019/6/27
    Italy 2019/6/27 Wireshop Mediaweb Group srl  
    Italy 2019/6/27 Mtk srl
    Italy 2019/6/27
    Italy 2019/6/27 OpenPHONE
    Italy 2019/6/27 DNL TRADING DNL Trading S.a.s.
    Lithuania 2019/6/27 Skytech (Skytech UAB)
    Lithuania 2019/6/27 Kilobaitas
    Netherlands 2019/6/27 Orbit
    Netherlands 2019/6/27 Afuture
    Netherlands 2019/6/27 Mercateo
    Netherlands 2019/6/27
    Netherlands 2019/6/27 maxict Max ICT B.V.
    Norway 2019/6/27 Proshop Proshop ApS
    Poland 2019/6/27 NET-S
    Poland 2019/6/27 Vobis
    Poland 2019/6/27
    Poland 2019/6/27 Morele Sp. z o.o.
    Poland 2019/6/27 KAREN
    Poland 2019/6/27 Salurion Tradus sp. z o.o.
    Poland 2019/6/27 MEGARE SKYNET SP. Z O.O. SP.K.
    Poland 2019/6/27 zadowolenie
    Spain 2019/6/27 ParatuPc
    Spain 2019/6/27 KeyComponentes
    Switzerland 2019/6/27 ARP Schweiz AG
    Switzerland 2019/6/27 Digitec Galaxus AG
    Switzerland 2019/6/27 Tech mania AG
    Switzerland 2019/6/27


    Note: Yealink reserves the right to update the unauthorized online reseller list at any time. Therefore, please refer to the Yealink website for the most recent list.
    To verify whether an online reseller not listed on the website are authorized or not, please enter:

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