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Unauthorized Yealink Online Reseller List for the US

To ensure that Yealink customers always received a fast and professional local service with technical support from Yealink and its authorized distributors, Yealink strongly recommends that customers purchase products only through authorized sources. If a Yealink product is purchased from an unauthorized online reseller, it will not be recognized or serviced under Yealink's existing warranty policy.

The following is a list of unauthorized Yealink online resellers for North America (click to download the list):

Effective Date Online Reseller Real Name for purchasing Website Address/Amazon ID Observation Period
2021/12/10 PCNation OfficeNation Inc AANSFONOCR8T3  
2021/12/10 Supply industrial Nassau electrical Supply Corp. A6912ZRZ8U2ZB  
2021/12/3 Power Up Deals naomi manning A2LBLXP34AC5PU  
2021/12/3 HappyHomeIT Gianluca Spadafina A1YQWJILFW46QV  
2021/11/26 Telecom Technology Equipment Tilden Corbett A4FD6CQY891OJ Observation
2021/11/26 Retailsy Shyrochyn Inc. A3OBVFXPWUMQWD  
2021/11/19 Tienda Siglo 21 Guillermo Peris Peris A1J4LYQSEYNKZR  
2021/11/9 Electropedia Store Electropedia LLC AZBCSGBWUCIGJ  
2021/11/9 nulogic logicunit A28QSF5W4STRS1  
2021/11/9 Discover Savings Discover Savings A31HXVBQME0VIT  
2021/11/9 CablesAndKits Atlantech Resellers A220IKGHHX34J7  
2021/11/9 Supply industrial Nassau electrical Supply Corp A6912ZRZ8U2ZB  
2021/10/29 GOODIES FOR GENIUS Customers First A2OVHENG73GA0X  
2021/10/29 R & B Supply RB Supplies LLC A39XSXB6JPC1P4  
2021/10/20 Domain Inc Domain Incorporated A1CTP0IGBBJ6WN  
2021/10/20 STEC-Worldwide ALSANGEST INTERNATIONAL ATODK2Y8YOWYZ violate again on  2021/9/17
2021/10/20 StoreFront123 ECOMM PRO INC. ARFE2V59EK8TT violate again on  2021/9/17
2021/9/17 Tech-Data Wholesale Tech-Data Wholesale A1AC3TSRAKUJ2W Observation 
2021/9/10 BlackRock Business BlackRock Business, LLC AK5V8SUI6Q7J4 violate again on  2021/10/20
2021/8/12 A & M Digital Technologies, LLC A & M Digital Technologies, LLC A386E201RB85QW violate again on  2021/10/20
2021/3/17 In The Bag - Online Matthew Sandifar A3QNIFQZ5RXF22  
2021/3/17 WizeTech InvestorWize LLC A3D76C6I6BUT5K  
2021/3/17 Layman's Market Margiolas Management LLC A2WHYB7JIXR5HQ  
2021/2/2 GreyBar MHM GLOBAL INC A1A9LDS9MN61P9  
2021/1/25 ✔Allphazon Shop ND DIGITAL MARKETING LLC A5AHSLGX8VWC7  
2021/1/25 Cordukes Online Cordukes.ca AIWQNXCZKRC4F  
2021/1/25 Para Mi Casa Patricia N Prida A29UHLNAZ96RKD  
2021/1/25 antonline Atlanta Network Technologies, Inc. A2YLYLTN75J8LR  
2021/1/19 Electro-Mall Ker-Com Inc A1DBHOAUQ14WEH  
2021/1/19 Overstock Superstore J-Tech Inc A1AC3TSRAKUJ2W  
2020/12/23 Tylert 4 CMT XiaMenAoJiaLiWangluokejiyouxiangongsi APHYCQWWSL3RO  
2020/12/23 Lebo Lebo Industries LLC A2VT00KO7R9YPY  
2020/12/23 Speed Guaranteed Reilah Inc A1HVMC3QBMQCZN  
2020/12/23 NetEquityRenewed Net Equity Partners LLC A1EU93U2I5DVVZ  
2020/7/14 Origin Micro, Inc.   A2STO040EWVPIF  
2020/5/9 Telesonic Communication
(formerly Ceotetal Supply/ Teleprotal Communication)
2019/12/3(1st time listed)
2020/2/19(2nd time listed)
2019/11/18(Been identified as an Unauthorized Online Reseller permanently) IngramWholesale
(formerly VoIP Superstore/GS Express/HQ VoIP USA/ Totally VoIP/ Yea-Supply/ Ingram Wholesale/ Totally Wholesale/ Source-One/TeleHQ/Applied Electronics)
TechAllStars /Convaya Communication/ HFC/ Hamburg Floor Cover/ Odyssey Communications/ SHIPPING DEPARTMENT A1AC3TSRAKUJ2W No Observation Period
2019/11/18(Been identified as an Unauthorized Online Reseller permanently) Tech-Data
(formerly VoiceNet/ TelRES Net/TD Wholesale Net/ VoIP Unlimited/ Telco-Supply/ TelNet Corp/ Tech-Data Liquidation/ VoIPDW/ TechData Wholesale/ New-Source/Direct Cost)
Strategic-IT/ Advanced Auto Parts/ JTech/ J-tech/ LAUREN/ RECEIVING/ A1DBHOAUQ14WEH No Observation Period
2019/11/18(Been identified as an Unauthorized Online Reseller permanently) Global Direct Sellers   A28FQJVJHYVX8Q No Observation Period
2019/11/18(Been identified as an Unauthorized Online Reseller permanently) DigitalShopper   A1NAVOX3XE5VZM No Observation Period
2019/11/18(1st time listed)
2020/01/14(2nd time listed)
Shopnow Store   A1SKXQPVKEECNE  
2019/6/13 TechComm
(formerly Telephony123/ IT Prime/ Prime Buyer Zone/ IP Telephony)
2020/07/08(Been identified as an Unauthorized Online Reseller permanently) Rave Networx LLC   AP249G6AXFDR7 No Observation Period
2019/1/10 Channel Electronics CHANNEL ELECTRONICS INC. http://www.channelelectronics.ca/  


Note: Yealink reserves the right to update the unauthorized online reseller list at any time. Therefore, please refer to the Yealink website for the most recent list.
To verify whether an online reseller not listed on the website are authorized or not, please enter: http://www.yealink.com/partner_reseller_search.html

To apply to become an authorized online reseller, please enter: http://www.yealink.com/partner_reseller_become.html

If you have any questions about a particular online reseller, please contact Yealink via: reseller@yealink.com.

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