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Dear Friend \,


At the very beginning o f the year\, Yealink brings a series of DECT wireless headset and a produc t family named UC Workstation to you.


Journey to Redefine Your Workspace

•\; \; \; \; \; \;  \; Get to know about UC Wo rkstation

•\; \; \; \; \; \ ; \; Meet new DECT Wir eless Headsets

• \; \; \; \; \;& nbsp\; \; Roadmap of Y ealink's products

 226\; \; \; \;  \; \; \; Live Demo Session

•\; \; \; \; \; \;  \; Real-time online i nteraction

& nbsp\;

Looking forward to meeting you there!


Joi n the live event: -uc-workstation-release-redefine-your-workspace

< p class=MsoNormal>Follow us to learn the latest news:

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