Discount for Yealink Phones:
   • The discount is valid for all SIP Phones and Microsoft Phones
   • All the programs need to be approved on the Yealink ORS System
   • Customers with special price support greater than 5% cannot enjoy this additional discount.
   • The customer can get an YMCS (Cloud) test account or YDMP (On-P) test license by: a. contacting Yealink
     (; b. contacting distributor; c. marking the requirement in the ORS system.
Deployment & Management & Diagnostics Remotely
Yealink Device Management Platform
The Yealink Device Management Platform offers a comprehensive management solution that includes the following key features: unified deployment and management, real-time monitoring with alarm, and remote troubleshooting. Users can choose between the cloud-based solution YMCS and the on-premise solution YDMP.
Remote deployment
Remote diagnosis
24h support hotline