Yealink Work from Home Solutions
The global outbreak of coronavirus has affected the work and lives of millions. During this crisis, Yealink is working to provide you with a broad portfolio of voice and video device solutions for Microsoft Teams and support as much as possible, bringing dedicated home offices, remote workspaces and seamless Teams experience to every user. Together, we will get through this.
Work from home in personal workspace
Even if you don‘t have space or a dedicated room to turn into a home office, Yealink solutions help users set up a comfortable and productive work-from-home workplace with the right tools. 

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Work from home in dedicated executive rooms
For people that would like to upgrade the home office with better Teams experience like executives and professors, Yealink provides various video and voice device solutions for Microsoft Teams, turning your home office into a dedicated workspace.

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Yealink Return to Office Solutions
Going with the continuous period under COVID-19 pandemic, part of people starts returning to office with restrictions on business travel and difficult collaboration with remote workers, which boosts the demand of video conferencing. Yealink provides the video and voice device solution for Microsoft Teams for succeeding through the COVID-19 "New Normal". Learn more >>
Healthcare Solution
For global healthcare workers in clinics, healthcare organizations, and hospitals, Yealink provides video device solutions including
the MeetingBar and the MTR system for different telemedicine demands of Teams meetings, resolving the problems of restrictions, and maximizing the medical recourses through the pandemic period.
Education Solution
For on-site and on-line teachers and students in universities or training centers, Yealink provides the flexible Teams video device
solutions of the MeetingBar and the MVC II series room systems from small classrooms to extra-large learning spaces.

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