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GENBAND empowers its global base of more than 700 customers in more than 80 countries to succeed via its technology leadership and intellectual property in network evolution and cloud based real-time communications software solutions and services. With networks increasingly moving to virtualized environments, service providers, enterprises, independent software vendors, systems integrators and developers globally are leveraging the company's solutions for rapid communications service and application creation. GENBAND’s market-leading portfolio, including its award-winning Kandy communications Platform as a Service, enables this transformation and delivers a comprehensive set of advanced embedded communications capabilities including voice, video, messaging, chat, presence and more, facilitating business, consumer and IoT solutions deployments with enhanced end-user collaboration experiences. GENBAND’s Marketing Advantage Program provides comprehensive support to fuel its partners’ success with the company's solutions.  GENBAND is headquartered in Plano, Texas and has operations, R&D and resources around the globe that provide world-class support and services for its vast customer base.
GENBAND’s real time communications solutions help its customers connect people to each other and address the growing demands of today’s consumers and businesses for real time communications wherever they happen to be. The company’s comprehensive solutions suite empowers its customers to enrich their service offerings with real time contextual communications, providing a richer, more engaging user experience. GENBAND’s technology is deployable in the network, on premise or through the cloud.


Integration with Yealink:

Phone Model Interoperability
Standalone AS C20 + AS GVPP KBS(Nuvia)
T2 Series IP Phone T19P E2
T21P E2 X
T23P X
T23G X
T27P X
T27G X X X X
T29G X
T4 Series IP phone T40P X X X
T49G X X X
T4S Series IP Phone T40G X X X X
T41S Pending Pending Pending X
T42S Pending Pending Pending X
T46S Pending Pending Pending X
T48S Pending Pending Pending X
T5 Series IP Phone T52S X X X X
T54S X X X X
T56A X X X X
T58A X X X X
T58V X X X X
IP Conference Phone CP860 X X X
CP920 X X X X
CP960 X X X X
DECT IP Phone W52P X
W56P X X X