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    Yealink CSR Strategy

    The Yealink Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility Management System (CSR) is an important foundation of our corporate culture. We adhere to all applicable business laws and regulations in every country in which we operate and we diligently fulfill the company’s social responsibilities. This reflects our commitment to sustainable socioeconomic development with an energy saving and low-carbon approach and our pledge to help clients boost their business efficiency.

    To further develop this culture, Yealink has set up a CSR Committee to handle routine CSR duties and to consistently improve our progress in the implementation of CSR. Starting from the fulfillment of social responsibilities and fair business practices, the CSR Committee has defined management goals and criteria based on the Yealink Code of Conduct.

    Organizational Structure
    Corporate Responsibilities
    Mission and Vision:

    Yealink, the global leading UC terminal solution provider, is dedicated to communication telephony innovation. We help our clients make the most of their Unified Communications (UC) experience and embrace the power of “Easy Collaboration”. Our vision is to become the world’s leading UC solution provider, helping people to maximize their business success through cloud-based UC ecosystems that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere globally, under any type of network.

    Yealink Core Values:
    • Benefits-sharing and mutual growth
    • Win-win client relationships
    • Hard work to add value to the team and get more done 
    • Pursuit of excellence in products, quality and customer service 
    • Achievement of sustainable business operation


    Sustainable Development:

    Since foundation, Yealink has promoted sustainable development and incorporated the pursuit of solutions to social and environmental problems into its corporate mission. Continuous R&D innovation and business model enhancements are pushing forward sustainable business operations and a positive enterprise image.


    Stakeholder Communication:

    Stakeholder communication is an integral part of CSR. During business operation, Yealink established multiple communication channels and mechanisms for stakeholder communication. Sound communication allows Yealink to understand the concerns and requests from its stakeholders in order to develop the best solutions to social and environmental challenges.

    Employee Care

    The core of Yealink’s employee care practice is to provide a working environment enabling employees to bring potential and creative abilities into full play.

    Employee Career Development Opportunities

    A reasonable career development path ensures staff growth and development. Therefore, the company has created an Experience and Qualification System with two promotion channels for both technical and management staff to fit their competencies, ensuring individual success.

    To accommodate the Experience and Qualification System, the company has founded a comprehensive training system to help staff grow at a rapid pace, including training programs for new recruits, general business staff, go-getters, newly promoted supervisors and management level staff in order to enable everyone to quickly adapt to new positions.

    Employee Communication

    As efficient internal communication ensures the stability of an enterprise, Yealink has set up multi-dimensional employee communication mechanisms to help effectively convey all kinds of requests from employees.

    Through the company’s magazine, Yealink gathers all useful feedback and strives for a sustainable future with employees. Using a regular top-down performance feedback, Yealink shows concern for employees’ needs for career advancement and their development bottlenecks. Along with an effective promotion system, Yealink also plays a critical role in upgrading employees’ skills. Meanwhile, Yealink’s regular interdepartmental communication ensures interaction and circulation of information. A centralized communication feedback approach adopted by subdivision groups enables smooth internal information exchange within the company.

    Employee Welfare and Benefits

    The employee happiness index is a direct reflection of the company’s culture atmosphere. Yealink has been working hard to raise the employee happiness index by various employee benefit plans.

    The established Employee Aid Foundation provides financial support to employees for home acquisition and medical care. As a major business taxpayer, Yealink is willing to help when staff members are having difficulties enrolling their children at school.

    As a key industrial enterprise of Xiamen, Yealink can sponsor its employees to be registered residents.

    Yealink is exploring cooperation opportunities with public hospitals to ease access in case of medical needs.

    Work Environment and Employee Health 

    Security Committee and Safety Group are responsible for setting up security-related objectives and plans, regular security training, security threat checks, and a variety of emergency drills such as fire and disaster drills to prevent possible security risks. Yealink has been widely recognized by many communities for its zero record of major security incidents and casualties since its establishment.

    Targeted publicity training, personal protective equipment and regular physical examinations are the measures adopted in staff occupational health and safety programs.

    Product Responsibilities

    Being committed to the unified communication market, Yealink develops and promotes advanced UC technologies and products that are easy to use and environmentally friendly. While delivering solutions and products that meet the needs of customers from different countries and regions, we make a significant contribution to economic and social development by increasing our investment in R&D.


    Product Innovation

    In addition to ensure product functionality and an excellent customer experience, we are committed to the following principles in the development and manufacture of our products:
    • Design products that can be powered by PoE to reduce energy consumption;
    • Choose biodegradable materials to replace non-recyclable materials when possible;
    • Increase the proportion of recyclable or recoverable materials in order to reduce pollution and the negative effect of waste materials; and
    • Design and develop low-carbon and environmentally friendly products that reduce energy consumption.


    Product Quality and Service

    Aiming for quality, customer trust and satisfaction, Yealink is devoted to provide first-class products and services to global customers.

    Integrating an effective quality management approach in R&D, manufacturing and after-sales services to drive up product quality, the company has already received mainstream international certifications, including 3C, FCC and CE, which indicate that Yealink products meet the international quality standards.

    From procedure to layout optimization, Yealink is emphasizing on efficient production technologies to reduce waste, lowering the cost of quality, abiding by all applicable laws and regulations as well as international standards for hazardous and toxic chemicals in the manufacturing process. We ensure green production and manufacturing.


    Supply Chain Management

    Yealink has established a fair and genuine purchasing system that shares common values with each vendor by means of the Anti-Corruption Management. In order to efficiently solve supply chain problem, Yealink communicates with suppliers and subcontractors by launching an active dialog to seek effective solutions for issues regarding human rights, labor, health, safety and environmental protection in raw materials and components purchasing. Continuously learning about and promoting ISO26000 Social Responsibility Management and the Electronics Industry Code of Conduct (EICC) enables Yealink to improve existing supply chain management under social and environmental aspects.

    Environmental Stewardship

    Yealink is committed to R&D regarding low-carbon, environmentally safe, energy saving and emission-reducing products, while making a great effort in reducing the negative impact on the environment. We focus on R&D to 

    • provide more environmentally friendly products;
    • reduce energy consumption and waste discharge;
    • optimize the use of resources;
    • replace energy-consuming equipment with energy-saving equipment;
    • recycle solid waste and increase reusing or recycling waste products;
    • keep a regular schedule for office equipment maintenance to extend its service life.

    The office building under construction is designed to be a low-carbon structure built with green and energy-saving materials to lower the overall energy consumption.

    Yealink encourages its suppliers to take advantage of new materials and processes to lower energy consumption. From the layout and design of the plant to manufacturing processes, we work with subcontractors to seek methods and technologies to reduce energy consumption and the discharge of waste water and solid waste, thus easing the negative effects on the environment.

    Anti-Corruption Management

    Yealink is devoted to create a business environment with honesty in order to promote anti-corruption and anti-bribery management in business operations. The company’s Anti-Corruption Management strengthens the supervision of major periods and departments vulnerable to corruption or bribery, in order to prohibit any individual from profiting from improper business activities. We encourage employees and stakeholders to adhere to anti-bribery and fair competition principles to create a positive corporate image.

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