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RosAtom School has a large regional footprint with a total of 246 schools in Russia. With a network of communications as extensive as this, the transfer of children for various training events takes a lot of time and is rather costly. In order to exchange experience, hold scientific conferences, and learning Competitions, RosAtom School knew it needed a video conferencing system to provide a modern and innovative educational process. The introduction of the Yealink video-conferencing system allowed increasing the number of interregional group-based events, and reducing the cost of conducting such events.


  • Easy to use. To simplify the calls, we used the SIP protocol. Now each region has a simple number for dialing, and thanks for SIP telephony,the regions which with no video-conferencing system can also participate in the conference
  • Firewall traversal. Traffic for the education of underage students is subject to strict filtering, thanks to the automatic NAT traversal, the firewall in the Yealink video-conferencing systems allowed to easily avoid these problems.
  • Low speed communication channels. The pre-project survey stage revealed that in some regions the speed of communication channels is was not stable and could drop to 512 kbit/s. During the testing stage, video-conferencing was conducted at a connection speed of 512 kbit/s - 1 Mbit/s. The quality of the transmitted image was preserved at a resolution of 720 p, which was completely satisfactory for the customer.

Modern design, good video-conferencing quality on unstable communication channels. The Full HD camera with 12x optical zoom. The cost.

Leading general education school turns to Yealink to improve interregional communications and reduce cost

"Thanks to Yealink products we were able to bring the educational system to a whole new level. Our teachers can exchange experience, results of experiments in the field of education, make group discussion with a variety of problems, and share "Best practice" cases in online mode. With the help of the Yealink desktop, managed to avoid disrupting the training process of teachers and children who are outside the school due to illness. Thus, we managed to improve the quality of the educational process. Yealink products enabled us to conduct "face-to-face" communication with native speakers, organize internal interregional artistic and scientific olympiads, and collective conferences with no cost for transferring students and accompanying teachers, which significantly reduced our expenses. Children develop communication skills, they begin to make friends and communicate "regions" at an early age. Local history started developing due to the desire to tell about one's home and to understand the difference with respect to other regions. We are beginning to restructure the methodological plan in order to maximize the use of the Yealink video-conferencing system in the educational process." -- Svetlana Adamovna Burlakova, Deputy Director for Teaching and Education, MOAU.

Integrator's opinion
Yealink products are ideally suited to the RosAtom schools' project and fully meet the customer's requirements. The features of easy to install and adjust helped to implement the project in very short time. RosAtom intends to expand the number of schools participating in the project, as well as establish centers for professional development for teachers on the basis of the existing ones. With appropriate customer extensions, we will be able to implement Yealink meeting server for conducting webinars and to supply additional Yealink equipment to the new schools of the project.
This system will be able to give rise to a new education system and scale not only within the RosAtom Corporation, but also in other secondary education institutions.