Yealink Certified Reseller for MC Solution

    1. Purpose

    Yealink has launched DECT Multi-cell system since year 2019. As Multi-cell product requires professional technology on deploying the whole system, we thus designed this training and certification program for Yealink important resellers. The purpose is to help our resellers and key partners to know Yealink MC product better and gain the ability to support end customers.

    2. Benefits of Becoming a Certified Reseller

    • Official Yealink Certification
    Achieve Official Yealink Certified Reseller for MC solution cert. Customers will be more confident in your ability to deliver most efficient and timely solutions to their needs.

    • Dedicated Training Program
    Get Yealink free training to help you quickly get the knowledge of Yealink MC product.

    • Top Priority Support from the Yealink Support Team
    Yealink support team provides top priority for the partners who have Yealink certified engineer to help them solve issues.

    3. How to Become a Yealink Certified Reseller for MC Solution?

    Step 1: Take training hosted by Yealink or your distributor
    If your distributor has on-site training for Yealink MC, join the training and get evaluated directly. Or you can join take Yealink online training course.
    Yealink Training schedule will be published at Yealink website > Support > Training Center page (Coming soon).


    Step 2: Apply for certification
    Please fill in the Application Form and send to your distributor or send to Yealink FAE via the Ticket system (


    Step 3: Take exam and feedback with test report (Test Report template).
    Each applier has 2 chances for each evaluation. Evaluation includes:
    1) Take online test. Pass line is 80 out of 100. Evaluate points are about product spec, key features, key deployment points, etc.
    Candidates should take the online exam in 2 weeks after application.
    2) Deployment report. Pass line is 80. Follow the Checklist and simulate a project deployment and give a deployment report. Evaluation points are about standard operation with deployment kit, measuring, information collection, system building, etc. Candidates should send the test report to Yealink in 4 weeks after application. Here is the Test Report Sample for your reference.

    Step 4: Certificate
    Candidates who pass Yealink's written and performance evaluations receive an official Yealink certificate, which is valid for one year. To update the certificate, candidates will need to retake an updated product exam.