Yealink Certified IP Phone Engineer Program for Distributors

    1. Purpose

    Developed for Yealink’s authorized distribution partners, the Yealink Certified IP Phone Engineer (CIPPE) Program is a training program that qualifies Yealink partners as experts in our IP phone products, helping our partners to increase their knowledge of Yealink phone’s advanced features and to enhance their technical expertise. Achieving Yealink CIPPE certification helps our partners to grow their business by providing more efficient technical support and troubleshooting for their customers and by ensuring high customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    2. Benefits of Becoming a Yealink IP Phone Certified Engineer

    Official Yealink Certification
    Achieving Official Yealink CIPPE certification is a market differentiator. Customers will be confident in your ability to deliver the most efficient and timely solutions to their needs.

    Dedicated Training Program
    Sharpen your professional skills and enhance your expertise at no cost. Yealink provides a series of free training courses for our program participants, giving you the knowledge you need for a deeper understanding of our IP phones’ advanced features as well as standard technical skills like Trace and Log analyses.

    Identify and Resolve Issues More Effectively
    Besides helping partners to improve their technical capabilities, the program also guides partners on how to utilize Yealink’s resources as well as to better understand how different support requests from the Yealink Technical Support Team are processed. This knowledge results in faster customer service.

    Top Priority Support from the Yealink Support Team
    Yealink support team provide top priority for the distributors which have Yealink certified engineer to help them solve the issue fast. Our strong backing gives you peace of mind.

    In order to ensure that customers receive quality service, Yealink requires each Yealink Platinum Distributor to have at least TWO Certified IP Phone Engineers and each Yealink Gold Distributor to have at least ONE Certified IP Phone Engineer.

    3. How to Become a Yealink Certified IP Phone Engineer?

    Step 1: Get learning materials
    Please go to Yealink Support and download self-learning materials- Yealink CIPPE Basic Training Package(for both Distributors and Partners) and Yealink CIPPE Advanced Training Package(for Distributors).
    Please follow below instructions to get training package.

    Step 2: Start the Training Course
    Yealink offers regular online training courses and self-study training package for participants to choose. You can choose to learn the training package which includes training materials and training recordings. Or go to Yealink Training Center to register the latest webinars and join our online training courses.
    Yealink CIPPE for distributors training course includes basic and advanced sessions.
            Basic Session 1:
            •  Yealink IP Phone Product
            •  Yealink YMCS/YDMP/RPS Service
            Basic Session 2:
            •  Yealink IP Phone Basic Features
            •  How to Cooperate with Yealink
            •  How to Apply for Yealink License
            Advanced Session:
            •  Yealink IP Phone Advanced Features


    Step 3: Attend The CIPPE Test
    When you are ready for the test, please download the Application Form and fill out the form. To apply for the test account, please contact the corresponding Yealink FAE or create a ticket on Yealink Ticket System if you don't know how to contact corresponding Yealink FAE.
    The test website is at Classmarker. There are subjective and objective questions. And for subjective part, it has 2 analysis questions, which need be graded manually. Every account has 3 chances. Candidates have 3 hours to finish the test each time. Candidates need to get 80% of total score to pass the test.


    Step 4: Performance Evaluation in Real Customer Cases
    Each program participant who passes the written test has the Ticket evaluation. There are 2 options. One is Ticket trial period. Yealink will check tickets that are created by the participants in the daily work. The other is Ticket simulated test. The participants will be assigned simulated tickets by Yealink. Yealink Technical Support Team will evaluate candidate performance in real or simulated customer cases and determine whether the candidate has mastered the knowledge and skills of a qualified engineer.


    Step 5: Certification
    Candidates who pass Yealink's written and performance evaluations will receive an official Yealink certificate, which is valid for two years. To update the certificate, this person need to pass the product test and Yealink will evaluate the performance of this person for the last two years.