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Achieve Business Success with Yealink

Yealink is a global leading unified communication (UC) terminal solution provider that primarily offers video conferencing systems and voice communication solutions. Founded in 2001, Yealink leverages its independent research and development and innovation to pursue its core mission: “Easy collaboration, high productivity.” The company’s high-quality UC terminal solutions enhance the work efficiency and competitive advantages of its customers in over 100 countries. Yealink is now the global TOP 1* in SIP phone shipments.
(*Source: Growth Opportunities in the Desktop and Cordless Phone Market, Forecast to 2026, Frost & Sullivan, 2019)

  Return-to-Office "New Normal" 
with Yealink MVC II Series Teams Room System

Going with the continuous period under COVID-19 pandemic, part of people starts returning to office with restrictions on business travel and difficult collaboration with remote workers, which boosts the demand of video conferencing. Yealink MVC II Seris provides the video device solution for Microsoft Teams for succeeding through the COVID-19 "New Normal".

Leverage Yealink's powerful portfolio of UC solutions and support your customer's growing needs in areas such as work-from-home initiatives and more. Combined with Gentek's deep industry experience and value-added services such as blind dropping, kitting, endpoint labelling and more. Together, Yealink and Gentek support and enable growth with our Reseller Partners every day.

Healthcare | Fast and Easy Telemedicine 

For global healthcare workers in clinics, healthcare orgranization and hospitals, Yealink MVC II Seris provides video device solution for different telemedicine demands of Teams meetings, resolving the problems of restrictions, and maximizing the medical recourses through the pandemic period.

Education | Easy Online Classes 

For on-site and on-line teachers and students in universities or training centers, Yealink provides the flexible MVC II  video device solutions for the Microsoft Teams Rooms system from small to extra-large learning spaces, to meet particular demands like whiteboard shaing, class meeting management, ceiling microphones or else.

Learn our latest program for Yealink MVC II series: 

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