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   Yealink CIPPE Advanced for MC Solution

1. Purpose

Based on Yealink CIPPE, from this year, we start to add Advanced level for specified product line. As Multi-cell product requires professional technology on deploying the whole system, we thus designed CIPPE Advanced for Yealink Multi-cell solution. The purpose is to help our distributors and key partners know Yealink MC product better and gain the ability to support end customers.


2. Benefits of Becoming a Yealink CIPPE Advanced

•  Official Yealink Certification
Achieving Official Yealink CIPPE Advanced certification is a market differentiator. Customers will be confident in your ability to deliver the most efficient and timely solutions to their needs.

•  Dedicated Training Program
Get Yealink free training to help you quickly get the knowledge of Yealink MC product.

•  Top Priority Support from the Yealink Support Team
Yealink support team provide top priority for the distributors who have Yealink certified engineer to help them solve the issue fast. Our strong backing gives you peace of mind.

•  Special marketing support if you give on-site training to your channel


3. How to Become a Yealink Advanced——Multi-cell solution?

Step 1: Send application form to Yealink Ticket system or Yealink FAE
Application form>


Step 2: Yealink certification specialist will send you training materials

Step 3: Yealink offers several ways of training:
1) To better understand the system and learn from actual usage, appliers need to finish test with Multicell base with given test case and share test report back. 
2) Self-study with providing training materials including training PPT, videos and documentations.
3) Join Yealink Webinar to get online training (coming soon).
4) Certification specialist will arrange a QA section for you if required.

Step 4: Evaluation
This advanced certification requires 2 parts of evaluation:
1) Paper exam: 

  • Taking an online exam to check if applier has gain the required knowledge about the product, deployment, system built and troubleshooting. 
    Candidates should take the online exam in 2 weeks after application

  • The test has 100 scores in total and pass line is 80. Candidates have 3 hours to finish the online testing


2) The ability to give presentation:

  • Choose any of the following 3 ways for speech evaluation.
    A. Give a training (online or onsite) to your channel, send attendee's survey report to Yealink. Yealink may select several customers to do a survey.
    B. If you have no plan to do a channel training, you can choose to give a training to Yealink specialist. We will directly evaluate from your performance.
    C. Give a presentation by yourself and send the record to Yealink specialist.

  • The purpose of setting this evaluation is that: we are concerning that engineers who support MC products visit customers a lot, they should understand how to give a presentation to customers.

  • Pass line for this part is 80% of total scores. We will evaluate the key points and webinar result.


3) Actual deployment test report
Take an actual deployment test in your office or in customer site. Follow the step by step Checklist to do site survey and deployment. Send back the report with pictures for Yealink to check if everything is correct. 
You can take this Test Report as a sample.

Send an email to Yealink certification specialist to ask for evaluation when you are ready. Each applier has 2 chances for each evaluation. 
Presentation and test report should be finished in 4 weeks after application.


Step 5: Certification
Candidates who pass Yealink's written and performance evaluations receive an official Yealink certificate, which is valid for one year. To update the certificate, candidates will need to retake an updated product exam.


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