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   How a Hosted Phone System Can Benefit SMBs in Using Scenarios

You may have heard many times the benefits of hosted communication solutions, including streamlined business communications and a high return on investment. Even so, it can sound like a huge project for SMBs that might think it’s unnecessary to deploy an in-house phone system rather than simply using mobile phones to make business calls.
But are they right? To do a great job, any person or company must first choose the right tools. To encourage a communicative environment in the organization, leaders must ensure that they have the right equipment or software to help their employees and to promote effective internal and external collaboration.
So what benefits can a professional phone system and equipment bring to your business?
Let's imagine that Celia from a SMB company is going to have an audio conference with a key potential customer in London. After sending out invitations and listing the agenda and preparing notes, she needs to make sure her telephone equipment functions perfectly for a fruitful meeting. She makes a checklist:
1. Make sure that the phone is HD voice and that the parties on the other side can hear and be heard clearly. Clear and professional sound is the first step in engaging a customer.

2. In order to have a smooth and focused meeting, she needs to do her best to avoid or eliminate distractions and noises in the meeting environment during the call. However, that can be hard in an SMB with a smaller or co-working space. In this case, the easiest and most effective strategy is to ensure her phone has excellent background noise cancellation.

3. Call recording. Every minute matters when it comes to an important meeting and Celia can’t waste time taking notes. To win a potential customer’s heart, she needs to listen, understand and respond promptly to all the questions and concerns of her customer. That's why a call recording function is necessary. By enabling playback after the meeting, Celia and her boss can review the details and put together the perfect customer strategy. 

4. More flexible functions like mute and multi-party conferencing are also necessary, especially when more team members are involved.

This is just one scenario and there are many more real-world case studies in the everyday workspace. For example, voicemail. Every inbound calling is a sales opportunity. What if voicemail could be forwarded to your mobile phone as a text message? Wouldn't that be great?
As a boss, you wear multiple hats. While in a meeting, you won't want to be disturbed by incoming calls but you also don't want to risk missing potential opportunities. An assistant and executive feature on your phone that’s just a single fingertip key press away helps ensure you don’t miss anything.

A professional business phone system is not just about saving costs and lowering deployment risk. Think about the practical and flexible features that your organization can enjoy, such as centralized management and easy integration into your BYOD strategies.


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