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Program Objective:
The Yealink Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) One-Stop Service Support Program is designed to improve the ITSP's comprehension of the complete range of Yealink Phones, additionally, to improve end user satisfaction, based on their solution requirements. The desired outcome of this program is to enhance product and solution competitiveness across the full range of Yealink Phones and to achieve sales growth for both the ITSP and Yealink.

Program Contents:

1. Business category: Internet Telephony Service Providers.
2. Region: South Africa
3. Period of Validity: 1st Apr, 2021-31st Dec, 2021
4. Benefits:
ItemsBenefits & Condition details
Price support
1. Qualifying ITSPs will be entitled to an additional discount of 1% off the current purchase price, applicable to new orders from distributors.

2. Qualifying ITSPs will have access to 2% rebate and improved pricing in 2022 should they achieve the higher level volume required for the next level.
Marketing support

1. Yealink Partner logo: can be listed on the ITSP's website and in selected marketing material.

2. Yealink marketing gift: partners can get one free backpack with Yealink logo once getting verification from Yealink.

3. Assistance in planning online and offline marketing activities.
Demo and YMCS/YDMP

1. Up to 80% discount on the list price, limited to 3 units per partner.

2. Free YMCS ITSP license/YDMP license for 3 years.
Technical Support
1. Online technical support and remote assistance;

2. Certified IP Phone Engineer (CIPPE) certification:   Technicians/Engineers who pass the Yealink CIPPE online certification and testing will receive an official Yealink CIPPE Certificate.


Training Support
Regular training by Yealink & Distributors.

5. Requirements:
A.    The ITSP commits an annual volume of 200 units Yealink IP phones. 
B.    The ITSP prominently displays the Yealink logo on the ITSP's website. Where the ITSP has hardware listed on their website, they should list the Yealink products with applicable product information, with at least 1 new Yealink product included. Or ITSP can post or forward relevant Yealink PR in their social media for each quarter. (New products refer to T3 /T4U /W80 /W90 /UH36 /UH34 /WH6 Series /CP700 /CP900) .
C.    The ITSP officially registers for this program by filling in application listed below.  

6. Process to acquire benefit:

A.    The ITSP registers through the website link.

B.    Yealink will confirm and verify the registration, ITSP's website and customer potential. (If potential is more than 200 units/year, Yealink will confirm the registration and follow up directly. If not, we forward to distributor to follow up by themselves.)

C.    After verification, Yealink will instruct the Distributor to apply 1% discount to the current purchase price for any new order received after the date of verification.

D.    In January 2022, Yealink will confirm which ITSP's have achieved the required volume to qualify for the next level. The distributor will be instructed to offer the 2% rebate to these customers and apply the new price structure for new orders.

7. Ongoing Assessment of the program
Yealink reserves the right to cancel the program and special price support in the cases listed below

A.    The ITSP fails to achieve 65% of the indicated potential volumes for two consecutive quarters.

B.    The ITSP removes Yealink's products from their website or deletes PR of Yealink in their social medias.


Any inquires, please feel free to contact SA_Sales@yealink.com

Yealink Network Technology Co., Ltd.
March 2021.


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