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   Yealink Additional Discount Program for ITSPs N.A.

Program Objective:
The Yealink N.A. ITSP One-Stop Service Support Program is designed to improve ITSP’s comprehensive understanding of Yealink Full-Phone series in addition to increasing satisfaction of different end users based on their solution needs. The desired outcome of this program is to enhance product and solution competitiveness across Yealink’s Full-Phone series and to obtain sales growth for both ITSP and Yealink.

Program Contents:
1.      Applicable object: ITSP customers
2.      Applicable products: Yealink Full-Phone series includingConference Phone, DECT Phone and High End Phones above the T46 (such as T46S, T48S, T49G…etc.)
3.      Applicable area: North America
4.      Period of Validity: 15th March,2018-31st December,2018
5.      Benefits : Qualifying ITSP’s will be entitled to an additional discount of 1% off current purchase price for new orders from Distribution.
Program Process:
Qualification: ITSP shall promote at least each one model of Yealink Conference Phone, Yealink DECT Phone and Yealink High End Phone above T46 series (such as T46S, T48S, T49G…etc.).
Requirements Below:
a.      Purchase of a minimum of two sets of Conference Phone, DECT Phone and High end Phone above T46 series within recent quarter.
b.      Including Yealink’s Full-Phone series into ITSP’s online promotion activities when Yealink’s competing products are promoted on ITSP’s official website as well.
c.       Be willing to participate in product training provided by Distributors or Yealink.
Note: If any promoted products are discontinuedsubsequently, ITSP shall replace with recommended superseding products. For example, CP860 is going to End-of-Life, then CP920 or CP960 need to be updated online.
Process to acquire benefit :
l  ITSPs submit the Application Form enclosed with website links to the promotion pages of Yealink Full-Phone series to Yealink Channel US email address
channel-us@yealink.com or their Distributors.
l  Yealink will check the linked online promotion contents and purchase records in POS report submitted by the distributors every month.
l  After verification, Yealink will authorize Distributor to offer discount 1% off current purchase price to ITSP for the following new orders.
Note: In case ITSP remove Yealink’s products from online promotion after receiving discount, Yealink reserves the right to claim back the discount.
Period of Validity: 15th March, 2018 - 31st December, 2018
Yealink reserves the right of final interpretation of Yealink N.A. ITSP One-Stop Service Support Program


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