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End of Life Announcement for Yealink SIP-T55A-Teams/SFB & SIP-T56A-Teams/SFB & SIP-T58A-Teams/SFB

Dear Customers,

Yealink hereby informs you that the SIP-T55A-Teams/SFB & SIP-T56A-Teams/SFB & SIP-T58A-Teams/SFB has been discontinued since Nov 1st, 2021. After the date, new orders for the product would not be accepted.

After the End-of-Life date, Yealink will not pursue any new feature development on SIP-T55A-Teams/SFB & SIP-T56A-Teams/SFB & SIP-T58A-Teams/SFB, but we will follow the industry standard practices regarding software support of the discontinued (EOL) products. Consistent with such standards, Yealink will continue to offer support and after-sale service.

The general policy guidelines are:

(1) For the first year from the End of Life date, Yealink will offer full support, including HW/SW Technical Support, Apply Existing SW Bug Fixes, New Non-Critical SW Bug Fixes, New Critical SW Bug Fixes and New Security Fixes.

(2) For the second year till, and including, the fifth year from the End of Life, Yealink will attempt to provide SW bug fixes. In the EOL support phase, a SW upgrade of the product to a newer existing release will also be seen as a fix to the SW bug. Providing a fix may not be possible in some cases due to the limitation of hardware or software architecture, and Yealink in its sole discretion will determine what fixes, if any, will be provided.

(3) Yealink will not offer any New Features/Enhancements support from the End of Life.

(4) Spares or replacement parts for hardware will be available depending on your local distributors. Please contact your local Yealink distributors for HW Technical Support and HW Repair and Return (subject to inventory availability). The local Yealink distributors will provide you the corresponding HW support in accordance with Yealink Return Materials Authorization (RMA) process.

(5) Since the sixth year from the End of Life, Yealink will not offer any Support.

Although every effort will be made to support End of Life products in accordance with our End of Life Policy, Yealink reserves the right to change its Policy as it deems appropriate. Yealink will announce any changes to the End of Life Policy through the Yealink Website at Yealink EOL Products and we encourage you to visit this site regularly as it contains useful information regarding Yealink's End-of-Life program.

Yealink would like to advise you to upgrade your products to our newer products which contains more features, in order to continue and enjoy Yealink's high level service. The recommended replacement solution to the SIP-T55A-Teams/SFB & SIP-T56A-Teams/SFB & SIP-T58A-Teams/SFBis MP54/MP56/MP58 which offers functionally richer technology.

Yealink hopes that the end of sales of SIP-T55A-Teams/SFB & SIP-T56A-Teams/SFB & SIP-T58A-Teams/SFB will not affect the existing service relationship and service quality. We are consistently dedicated to providing you with excellent products and services. If you have any questions regarding this discontinuation, please contact your appropriate Yealink sales representative or your local distributors.

Thanks for your continued support for Yealink! For more information about Yealink delisted product, please click on https://support.yealink.com/.
Yealink Network Technology Co., Ltd.
All right reserved.

Yealink T55A

Cost-effective Phone for Microsoft Teams

usb speakerphone

A Whole Series of Teams Voice Devices Covering Multiple Scenarios

Deliver Microsoft Teams Experience to Desktop Devices Seamlessly

The Yealink T55A Teams phone features a 4.3-inch capacitive touch screen and comes embedded with the native Teams application. The easy-to-use operations like the familiar Teams interface, CAP functions match with the needs of users in front desks and common areas, delivering a consistent call and Teams meeting. With the USB port for USB headsets and Bluetooth dongle, The T55A facilitates Teams collaboration with more flexibility.

High-quality Audio

The T55A combines professional hardware and software technology to deliver crystal-clear voice communications. Thanks to Yealink Optima HD voice and Noise Proof Technology as well as a full-duplex hands-free speakerphone with AEC and an HAC handset, the T55A provides an excellent audio experience for more efficient and productive calls.

Simplify Deployment and Management

The T55A offers deployment flexibility with multiple choices of deployment tools from Microsoft, Yealink and Unify square as well as auto-provision, making it simple to deploy, administer, upgrade and maintain.

Yealink helps to migrate voice from Skype for Business to Teams

Replace Skype for Business with Microsoft Teams

● Microsoft plans to provide support for Skype for Business Online and client till July 31, 2021.

● The latest version of Skype for Business Server 2019 was released in October 2018, with its initial mainstream support planned till January 9, 2024.

 Click here to learn more

√ Yealink Teams devices support the upgradability of firmware from Skype for Business to the Teams edition. 

√ Hybrid-mode feature on Teams devices provides an integrated Teams and SIP app experience.

Easing, and offering easy transition to customers 

Yealink experts for Microsoft solution will help you find the right way to migrate

T55A Teams Phone | Features at a Glance

• 4.3 inch (480 x 272) capacitive touch screen

• Optimal HD audio, Yealink Noise Proof Technology 

• Android OS 

• Microsoft Teams-tailored user interface 

• Supports Office 365, and upgradability of device applications to Teams or SFB 

• USB 2.0 port, supports USB headset and Bluetooth dongle 

• Bluetooth headset via BT41 

• Wi-Fi via WF50 

• Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet, PoE support 

• Full-duplex hands-free speakerphone with AEC 

• Supports Microsoft/Yealink/Unify Square Device Management Platform



Please fill in information below, or email us at ucinfo@yealink.com and a Yealink expert for Microsoft solution will contact you soon.

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