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Yealink RoomPanel 
for Zoom Rooms

Enhance Your Workspace Booking and 
Management Experience

Intelligent Room Scheduling Solution for
All Your Meeting Rooms
Yealink RoomPanel is a dedicated and versatile touchscreen designed for mounted outside the
meeting spaces and displaying meeting details. Integrated with Office 365, Exchange, and Google Calendar,
the display helps organizations optimize, improve, and streamline meeting room bookings.


Versatile Touch Screen for Room Scheduling Applications

Install and Manage the Devices with Ease, Flexibility and Efficiency

Managing a batch of meeting room devices is no longer a heavy burden for the administrators or IT staff, as they can easily monitor, manage and diagonose the products via Microsoft Teams Admin Center or Yealink Management Cloud Service.

Contact Us

If you need assistance or have questions, please contact one of Yealink Microsoft experts here.

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