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Meet Yealink Wireless DECT Solution
-New W53P, New flexibility


Xiamen, China – 10th September 2018– Yealink, the leading global provider of enterprise communication and collaboration solutions, is pleased to release its new DECT IP phone product W53P as of today, which will further enrich its DECT IP phone solution applicable to various scenarios.The Yealink DECT IP Phone Solution is specifically designed to power up the on-the-go business with its sophisticated HD voice, robust battery and 50-meter indoor/300-meter outdoor coverage.
As a mid-level DECT IP phone model, the new Yealink W53P is perfectly designed for moderate-to-active on-the-move communications. Powered by the wireless CAT-iq2.0 DECT technology, W53P offers premium and stable HD audio quality to satisfy the customers who are looking for stable and reliable DECT IP phones. Thenew product also performs well in battery life with up to 18 hours of talk time and 200 hours of standby time. A 1.8-inch TFT color screen is embedded for quick and easy information navigation, while the upgraded compact and metallic silver design makes the phone comfortable to carry and handle.

As making phone calls while on-the-move becomes a vital part of work in all kinds of business segments, Yealink has been innovating and endeavoring to develop its DECT IP phone solution to deliver better products and services to customers who are seeking for stable and reliable on-the-move communications within their varied working spaces.
In addition to W53P, Yealink’s sophisticated wireless DECT system comprises multiple phone models.
The premium-level W60P, featuring HD audio quality, 2.4-inch display, powerful Li-ion battery and quick-charge capability, is ideal for handling heavy call load;
The entry-to-mid level W52P, featuring stable and efficient performance, is ideal for small business owners with less on-the-move communications;
The W41P is uniquely designed for executives, managers or reception desk with extraordinary HD audio, a larger display and multiple function keys.

Along with the W53P release, Yealink also upgrades the T5 Smart Business Phones and CP960 software to V83 for more features.
T5 Smart Business Phones (T58V, T58A, T56A)
Support Yealink Acoustic Shield to isolate background noises. Together with Yealink Noise Proof technology, the phones provide pure and quiet communication services.
The compatibility with Yealink DECT Dongle DD10K turns the phone into a DECT system that supports up to 4 handsets, ideally applicable to your wireless office needs. Master and Slave mode is available when only one DECT handset is registered on T5 Smart Business Phone, which allows seamless call swift and adds mobile flexibility.

CP960 Conference Phone
The CP960 supports Star Connection with up to 3 models of the CP960, working together to meet supper large meeting broadcast and voice pickup requirements.


About Yealink
Founded in 2001, Yealink is a multinational corporation that dedicates itself to developing video, voice and content collaboration as well as communication technology. Yealink has transformed the market with their focus on high-productivity and easy collaboration. Currently, Yealink is providing services to customers in more than 140 countries. For more information, please visit: www.yealink.com.