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Unauthorized Yealink Online Reseller List for Greece

To ensure that Yealink customers always received a fast and professional local service with technical support from Yealink and its authorized distributors, Yealink strongly recommends that customers purchase products only through authorized sources. If a Yealink product is purchased from an unauthorized online reseller, it will not be recognized or serviced under Yealink’s existing warranty policy.

The following is a list of unauthorized Yealink online resellers (Click to download the list):
Country Effective Date Reseller Website
Greece 2018/10/26 WEBSUPPLIES ΑΕ https://www.websupplies.gr/filterSearch?cid=0&q=IP+PHONE+&sid=True&isc=true&adv=true
Greece 2018/10/26 Cosmodata ΕΠΕ https://www.cosmodata.gr/search?q=yealink%20&c=1053&q2=
Greece 2018/10/26 PRIVE SHOP ΕΠΕ https://www.priveshop.gr/product/search/keywords/YEALINK
Greece 2018/10/26 EuroSupplies ΑΕ https://www.eurosupplies.com.gr/?cat=49&subcat=108#
Greece 2018/10/26 Μανιάτης Άγγελος Ι. http://www.computer4all.gr/
Greece 2018/10/26 Syncom  http://www.syncom.gr/
Greece 2018/8/23 Ιωάννης Βλάσσης & ΣΙΑ ΟΕ https://allaboutoffice.gr/?s=yealink+&post_type=product
Greece 2018/8/23 Βλάχος Β. Παναγιώτης http://www.dshop.gr/
Greece 2018/8/23 Παπακωνσταντίνου Κωνσταντίνος Σ http://www.allaboutpc.gr/search?controller=search&orderby=position&orderway=desc&search_query=yealink+&submit_search=
Greece 2018/8/23 Χριστοδουλάκη Αγάπη https://www.ca-microland.com/?s=yealink+&post_type=product
Greece 2018/8/23 Τζήμα Αναστασία http://www.techstores.gr/catalogsearch/result/?cat=&q=yealink+
Greece 2018/8/23 ΔΑΣΚΑΛΟΣ ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΟΣ - ΔΑΣΚΑΛΟΣ ΙΩΑΝΝΗΣ Ο.Ε. https://www.itsmart.gr/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=yealink+&x=0&y=0
Greece 2018/8/23 Δεπούντης Λάμπρος Γ. http://www.mobilehellas.com/index.php?route=product/search&search=yealink%20
Greece 2018/8/23 Τριαντόπουλος Ανδρέας Α. https://pcplusplus.gr/product/yealink-ip-phone-sip-t21p-e2-entry-level-poe/
Greece 2018/8/23 INFOWORLD - ΑΦΟΙ ΚΑΨΟΥΛΗ ΟΕ https://www.info-world.gr/pegasus/products01/list00.php?p02=yealink+IP+Phone+
Greece 2018/8/23 MG MANAGER COMPUTERS Ε.Π.Ε. https://www.mgmanager.gr/
Greece 2018/8/23 shop here https://www.shophere.gr/
Greece 2018/8/23 Epsilon TeleData https://etd.gr/?s=yealink&post_type=product&dgwt_wcas=1


Yealink reserves the right to update the unauthorized online reseller list at any time. Therefore, please refer to the Yealink website for the most recent list.
To verify whether an online reseller not listed on the website are authorized or not, please enter:http://www.yealink.com/FindanAuthorizedOnlineReseller.aspx

To apply to become an authorized online reseller, please enter:http://www.yealink.com/BecomeanAuthorizedOnlineReseller.aspx

If you have any questions about a particular online reseller, please contact Yealink via:reseller@yealink.com.
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