Metaswitch is the world’s leading cloud native communications software company. The company develops commercial and open-source software solutions that are constructively disrupting the way that service providers build, scale, innovate and account for communication services. By working with Metaswitch, visionary service providers are realizing the full economic, operational and technology benefits of becoming cloud-based and software-centric. Metaswitch’s award-winning solutions are powering more than 1,000 service providers in today’s global, ultra-competitive and rapidly changing communications marketplace.
Metaswitch’s Consumer Communications solution provides network operators with the applications they need to keep customers happy and deliver innovative new services with feature-rich, high-quality communications for the whole family, on any device, across any broadband network.
Metaswitch Business Communications allows network operators to quickly and reliably deliver a feature-rich, high-quality, secure communications solution for enterprises of all sizes, across any broadband infrastructure.
The Metaswitch Cloud Network Virtualization solution encompasses a suite of atomized control plane components, complete products and entire reference architectures that enable equipment providers, operators and enterprises to deliver evolutionary software defined networks (SDN) and dynamic compute environments supporting all manner of data processing and network functions virtualization (NFV).

Integration with Yealink:

Phone Model Interoperability
T2 Series IP Phone T19P E2
T21P E2
T27G x
T4 Series IP phone T40P
T41P x
T42G x
T46G x
T48G x
T49G x
T4S Series IP Phone T40G
T5 Series IP Phone T52S x
T54S x
T56A Pending
T58A Pending
T58V Pending
IP Conference Phone CP860
CP920 Pending
CP960 Pending
DECT IP Phone W52P x