Yealink Certified Video Conferencing Engineer Expert Program

    1. Purpose
    This Program is made to increase Distributors and Partners’ value through enhancing their business skills for the purpose of effectively managing video conferencing product business, increase sales and promote a successful growth strategy.

    2. Scope
    1) Applicable Objects: Engineers of Yealink VCS Distributors & Partners
    2) Valid period: January 01, 2019-December 31, 2019

    3. Definition
    Yealink Certified Video Conferencing Engineer Expert means an engineer person has a further knowledge of video conferencing value, competitive strategy and abilities for providing best solutions for customer according to customer’s specific requirements.

    4. How to Obtain a Certified Video Conferencing Engineer Expert Certificate?  
    Step 1: Get self-learning materials
    Distributor and Partner shall assign Engineer to participate in the self-learning course delivered by Yealink. Please go to and 
    use your partner/reseller account to login.Then follow below instructions shown in the picture and find Yealink Certified VCS Training Package and download the self-learning materials: Yealink Certified Video Conferencing Expert Training.

    Before start the training, you may want to take a look at Yealink Certified Video Conferencing Expert Program & Training Introduction, which will guide you to the correct learning materials. And you can find exam emphasis in Yealink Certified Video Conferencing Online Test Question Bank Structure Introduction.
    If you don’t have a Yealink support partner/reseller account, please click to see more information about how to apply for a Yealink partner/reseller support account and register your account.

    Step 2: Start self-learning course
    Below are the requirement, course and test introduction of certified video conferencing engineer expert certificate.

    Level Module Ability level description The requirement of examination
    Engineer Demonstration& learn solution
    1. Can try to find answers from Yealink support website ( if the issue is in the support website, including FAQ and all Yealink documents. This part includes the frequent issues during the demo or deployment, like black screen, no audio, no presentation, high packet loss and issues related to environment.
    2. If the issue seems like a bug and can't find answer, you should be able to get the correct logs file and describe the scenario then submit it to Yealink
    Online exam
    Pass line:80%
    3 chances
    About 80 questions in 2 hours
    to provide solution and requirement communication 1. Support the POC in the real project, can help the end user to finish all tests.
    2. Can understand the end user's environment and normal scenarios, then deploy the whole solution.

    Step 3: Attend the online test
    To pass the test, Distributor and Partner Engineer must attain a score of 80% or more on the online exam conducted by Yealink. Please send test-taker info to Yealink distributors or Yealink corresponding sales to apply for online test account. Every test account has 3 chances to try and the test shall be finished within one month (test account is only valid for one month). Pass line is 80%. You’re required to answer about 80 questions in 2 hours. 

    Step 4: Obtain the Certificate
    Engineer that pass the test will be granted a Certified Video Conferencing Engineer Expert Certificate by Yealink. Yealink will send Yealink Certified Video Conferencing Engineer Expert Certificate weekly. It will be valid for two-year. If the employee with the certification leaves the organization or transfers jobs, Distributor or Partner must replace the employee with another candidate and obtain a new certification within 6 months, otherwise Yealink is entitled to cancel special price support for the certified Distributor or Partner. Please note that engineer being certified shall also participate in all the training and test if Yealink updates the certification materials, otherwise Yealink is entitled to cancel special price support for the certified Distributor or Partner. To update the certificate, engineer should pass the new certified test.

    Please note that this Yealink Certified Video Conferencing Engineer Expert Program is subject to change. Yealink reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to post supplemental program information or modify this document. Yealink will provide notification to distributors and Partners regarding material program or policy changes.

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