Yealink Project Incentive Program
    Valid through 31 Dec. 2020

    Register Yealink ORS System and submit your project to acquire project protection and up to 8% off discount.
    More information please refer to the Program Details as below.

    1.Yealink Project Incentive Program applies to all SIP products, valid through 31 Dec. 2020;

    2.Extra Discount ② 3% off discount is only for T5/DECT projects;                                          

    3.Extra Discount ③1% off dicount is only for specific industries(medical, government, manufacturing, logistics, NGO, schools);

    How to Register?
    1. Contact Yealink distributor or contact us directly:
    2. Register and login Yealink ORS system to submit your project:

    Contact Us

    Contact Yealink sales team at: Or you could fill in the contact form as below, we will contact you soon.


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