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Enterprise Video Conferencing Scenarios 

MVC860 for Large Meeting Room

Smooth Multi-Party Experience

MVC860 with the 4K dual-eye camera UVC86 supports premium clarity and AI

features like Auto Framing, Speaker Tracking, and Presenter Tracking, facilitating 

large-scale and multi-point meetings with a perfect display, clearly showing your soft 

skills and providing stakeholders with a professional image.

Hassle-Free Mutual Communication

MVC860, with great flexibility, allows you to choose other Yealink voice pickup devices 

like ceiling microphones and wireless microphones to create a noise-free environment 

that instills comfort and trust.

Simple Cross-Organizational Collaboration

Yealink MVC-BYOD-Extender supports the transformation between Microsoft Teams 

Rooms and different types of UC platforms. From internal training to onboarding 

modules, bring your own device and start video meetings whenever you want.

A30+CTP18 for Daily Meeting Room

Life-like Conferencing Experience

With the 4K dual-camera system, Speaker Tracking feature, and AI noise 

cancellation, Yealink A30 eliminates blurred pictures, blocks noise distractions, 

and keeps the focus on the speaker and messages delivered. 

Productive Conference Collaboration

The CTP18 touch panel and WPP20 offer rich collaboration features like real-time

annotation and quick content sharing, making it easier to communicate with one 

another and increasing employee engagement.

Effortless IT Involvement

A30 is an all-in-one design that incorporates cameras, microphones, and speakers 

into a single device, considerably reducing deployment time and labor costs while 

also meeting the modern office's desire for simplicity.

UVC20+BH76 for Personal Working Space

Premium Customer Experience

With UVC20's Full HD premium video, intelligent lighting* features, and BH76's 

specially customized noise-canceling microphone, you can create a comfortable 

and quiet zone easily, giving your customers a vivid face-to-face communication 

experience anywhere.

Extended Business Opportunities

UVC20 and BH76 are plug-and-play and easy to use at the office, on the go,

and at home, which allows quick response to clients who have urgent needs 

and seize every business opportunity.

Every Reason to Choose Yealink Enterprise Solutions

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