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Yealink Technology Partners Program

Developed for Yealink’s technology partners, the Yealink Technology Partners Program is a program that helps our partners to understand the integration process and build a stronger relationship. It also collaboratively delivers value to customers by enhancing Yealink and Partners’ solutions.

Why Partner with Yealink

Based on their broad interoperability and easily expanded functionality, Yealink products have successfully passed many operational tests specified by PBX vendors, ITSPs and carriers. This gives businesses powerful but very cost-effective choices in the competitive VoIP solutions market. It also sets the industry’s best price-performance benchmark.

Yealink’s  commitment to excellence in SIP telephony creates many exciting opportunities for carriers, enterprises and SMBs. Very importantly, close cooperation between Yealink and our Technology partners maximizes ROI for all our customers.

Expand Your Added Value

Working with Yealink, you can deliver a highly differentiated solution to thousands of Yealink customers.

Expand Your Market Reach

Joining a partner with a thriving future and substantial development, you are exposed to an expanded customer base and sales potential.

Partner with a world-leading Leader

Yealink’s high-quality UC terminal solutions enhance the work efficiency and competitive advantages of its customers in over 100 countries.

Benefits of joining Technology Partner Program

Yealink Technology Partners cover hardware, software, or vertical market companies including Carriers and ISTP who are committed to teaming with Yealink to improve the customer experience by adding unique value to Yealink IP Phone solutions. Based on their annual sales potential, Yealink divides partners into two levels: Yealink Technology Partners and Yealink Premier Technology Partners. Benefits for these two levels are listed below respectively.

Benefit Benefit description Premier Partner Technology Partner
Free DEMO Partners can have a free demo for integration testing after they sign Yealink FREE DEMO Phone Agreement, you can download from Here Yes  
In-House Test Yealink will provide a test report after testing the partners’ test cases with partner's test environment in Yealink when required. Yes  
Dedicated Support Yealink will provide dedicated technical engineers to provide technical support before, during and after the integration testing; Partners also have access to tools and resources available on Yealink Support website Yes Yes
Develop Feature Yealink and partners can have Joint development of new features Yes Yes
Yealink roadmap Partner can have access to Yealink's product roadmap presentations which can help them develop and maintain a strategy in alignment with the long term development direction of Yealink Yes  
Yealink website Yealink will upload partner's logo to Yealink website after being evaluated by the Yealink’s management team. Yes  
Marketing Partners have access to Yealink's newsletter release and other Marketing events like joint training event Yes  
Right to use Yealink Logo Partners have the approval to use Yealink Local technology partner logo and Yealink logo Yes Yes
Yealink Certificate Partners can have the certificate issued by Yealink to show full compatibility with Yealink to customers Yes Yes

Yealink Technology Partner Responsibilities

    • Sign “Yealink FREE DEMO Phone Agreement”
    • When Yealink has new products, partner should finish integration with their PBX Server up to 2 MONTHS once receiving Yealink DEMO phone. If Yealink Technology Partner could not finish integration within 2 MONTHS for some reasons, Yealink Technology Partner should provide detailed test schedule to Yealink Which should be agreed by both Yealink and the partner.
    • The requirements to finish the integration:
       Integrated with auto provision;
       Finish basic/ advanced features integrating and testing according to the PBX’s feature;
       The video feature works well when the server and the phone both support video;
Need to integrate Yealink RPS API to the server for ITSP and Carriers.
    • Provide Yealink test environment and test cases when Yealink requires to do In-House test.
    • Provide test report which includes all the test results for all the features (partners can ask Yealink for the test cases if they don’t have their own) and certificate once finishing the integration test.
    • Share roadmap of the platform or software and the feature plans with Yealink.
    • Co-development of new features.


How to Become a Yealink Technology Partner
To become a Yealink Technology Partner, please refer to steps below:
1) Please fill out the application below. The information filled in the application should be accurate.
2) Yealink will evaluate your application and give feedback within 3-5 business days upon receipt.
3) Yealink sales will contact you to learn more about your company.
4) FAE will contact you to finish the integration process
5) You will be Yealink Technology Partner.
Yealink undertakes to respect your information. We recognize that when you choose to provide information to us, you trust us to act responsibly.

Before filling in the application, please ensure that you have read and consent the Above Information of the program

To become a Yealink Technology Partner, please download and fill in the form.
After completing the form, please send it to 

Yealink reserves the right to modify this Program at any time and Yealink partners will be informed of the modification immediately upon the modified program being posted on Yealink website